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Regain Root access on Asus TF300T after official update


So i downloaded and installed the official update from the Asus website. After this i had no root access anymore (as expected). I found a few manuals which described to regain root access which includes to download a file of 400+ MB. There is a simpler way to regain root access: Install TWRP: (use the fasboot method) Boot into TWRP (hold power …

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OpenVPN on TF300T after Jelly Bean update


I recently updated my (rooted) Asus Transformer TF300T to the latest Android version which is Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). After updating OpenVPN failed to connect with an error that looked like “ifconfig, external program fork failed”. (I can’t remember the exact error). So i tried a number of things to make OpenVPN work again: Factory reset. Reinstall BusyBox at every …

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