Peugeot and CITROËN trip analyzer

Since may 2015 i drive a new Peugeot 308. You can download a app called LinkMyPeugeot for this car (and some other models from Peugeot or CITROËN), and when you connect your phone to the car via bluetooth, you can download trips and some other info from your car. The app works, but it is not a very good app. Since a few months it also crashes when you try to open trips or stats. Fortunately the export function is still working, so i build a web based tool to look/analyze at your trips.

The reason to build this is to learn from it, and i like to work with graphs and stats. And maybe someone else can use it. The tool is available now and the first version has the following functions:

  • Import .trips file
  • Dashboard page with total’s and vehicle information.
  • List trips and export them to CSV format
  • Some graphs
  • Login later with your VIN
  • Password protect your VIN

The tool has only been tested with trips from a peugeot 308, so i am not sure if it will work for other models. You can try it at if you like. If it is your first visit, you can get started by uploading your .trips file. If you have uploaded .trips before, you can login using your VIN and password (if set).

Upload screen:

Review info from the file and proceed:


View graphs:

Look at individual trips, and export a range of trips to CSV

Stuff i would like to add:

  • Compare to global avarage
  • Possibility to delete trips en import them again
  • Possibility to delete everything (account)
  • Personal public page


[fancy_header variation=”orange”]Update 2017-02-01[/fancy_header]

A while ago peugeot changed their app, and with that the format of the file. I have released a new version which works with this new layout.


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