Medion MD85264 Fingerprint reader driver

I recently got my hands (or fingers) on a Medion MD85264 fingerprint reader, which is an old device. Other product numbers on the device:

  • MSN: 50022080
  • EAN: 23086302

I had some trouble to get this working on Windows 10 or 11. There where no drivers to be found on the Medion site, and google only led to shady driver sites. Then I found out it uses a Authentec AES2501 chip. Drivers for this device are available via the windows update catalog, just search for AES2501B and it should return one result. Download the .cab, extract it and update the driver via device manager. Works pretty good with Windows Hello 🙂

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  1. bert says:

    thanks for the help it works perfectly.

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