IPTV and Unifi Dream Machine (pro) or Gateway

A while ago i had to install a Unifi Dream Machine Pro on a XS4ALL FTTH line. IPTV had to keep working in conjunction with the UDM. After some trying and reading i came to the conlusion it is not possible to make the UDM handle IPTV. You can only use WAN2 as a failover, and a IGMP proxy is not available. So i tried to find a solution without using a double NAT situation.

XS4ALL delivers a FritzBox 7490 as a router, and with this router it is possible to keep using IPTV, and still have your public IP at your UDM. Below i will explain how to do this

How to connect it all

So the idea is to use the PPPoE passthrough option available on the FritzBox device. I have connected it together like this:

FritzBox configuration

So for this step, i am assuming you have only one local subnet. The fritzbox LAN side has to be in the same subnet as the Settop box(es). Both the UDM and FritzBox have on the inside. First you need to change the IP of the Fritzbox so it doesn’t conflict with the UDM (the both have .1 at this point). At the same time we can disable the DHCP server on the Fritzbox because we want the UDM to handle that.

  1. Navigate to Home Network -> Network -> Network Settings Tab
  2. Under Advanced Settings click IPv4 Settings
  3. Change the IP to a free IP in your subnet, for example You can also disable the DHCP server on this page. Click OK to apply the settings.

The second change we have to make is enable PPPoE passthrough, and prevent the FritzBox from making a PPPoE session to your provider.

  1. Navigate to Internet -> Account Information
  2. Clear the PPPoE information, or change it to something that doesnt work.
  3. Expand Change connection settings
  4. Clear idle connection after 30 seconds
  5. Enable Connected network devices allowed to establish their own internet connections

UDM configuration

On the UDM we also have to make some modifications. The changes have to be made to the DCHP server (where your Settop box resides) and some static routes.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Services
  2. Click on the tab DHCP and DHCP Options. Add 2 DHCP options:
    1. Code: 28, Type: IP Address
    2. Code: 60, Type: Text
  1. Then navigate to Networks and edit your network where your Settop box is. Configure the Custom DHCP Options you just added.
    1. 60: IPTV_RG
    2. 28: <- This is the broadcast address of your local LAN

Last step is to add some static routes. I am pretty sure the destination subnets in these routes are XS4ALL specific. The destination IP is the IP address of the Fritzbox. Where did i find these subnets then? Well i have IPTV running with a pfSense firewall on a XS4ALL line. I found 1 subnet in the routing table, and the other in a online blogpost which describes how to configure XS4ALL IPTV on a pfsense box.

Canal Digital

I also have deployed this solution on a Onvi internet connection in conjunction with Canal Digital. For Canal Digital the static routes are not necessary!

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