Webbased Active Directory / Federated user password and recovery tool (IISADMPWD replacement)


A while ago i wrote a simple tool which allows users to reset their expired password as a replacement for IISADMPWD. The tool was created because at the time Office 365 did not have the ability to let federated users change their password. I have noticed that i was not the only one who had to deal with this problem, the tool was downloaded a number of times and i got some positive feedback. The tool was still very limited, if a user forgot his password, he still had to contact someone from IT to reset his password. Because remembering a password is one of the hardest things to do, resetting passwords for users took up to much of our time. This is why i build the Webbased Active Directory / Federated user password and recovery tool which allows users to recover their account through a reset link sent to an alternative e-mail address. On this page you can find how to install, customize and download the tool. You can see it as a self-service portal for users.

For the first version of the IISADMPWD replacement tool i have made the source code available for download.

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    Great, but the download link links to this page itself – Unfortunately

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